Hot, hot, hot

I really want to go back Cameron Highlands for a holiday. Especially to cool off! The weather down in the lowlands is really sweltering hot. The meteorological department recorded rising temperatures around the country. They measured a 35.6°C on the 8/May/2009 last Friday in Subang Jaya. In Pahang at Batu Embun it was 36.2°C. That's way too hot!

According to the meteorological dept, this hot spell would persist till September. I think I will melt by then. According to Chief Asst. Dir. Ahmad Zaki Mohd Saad said that this was a usual phenomenon in the country. He said April and May were the hottest months according to climatology studies. The change of wind direction during inter-monsoon season last month has caused the weather to be drier. And the South-West Monsoon from mid-May to September usually brought a dry spell.

I did see some dark clouds and flashes of lightning but no rain. A few constipated rain drops here and there, not even a light drizzle. It made my car dirtier as it mixed with the dust. I think this year's hot dry spell is really the hottest! Even at night with my air-con at 21°C it still felt warm! Perhaps got something to do with global warming. I hope it will rain soon, 'cause this heat is quite unbearable.

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