Pereskia sacharosa / saecnarosa (Jarum Tujuh Bilah)

Pereskia sacharosa/saecnarosa (Jarum Tujuh Bilah)

Idil passed this info about this herbal plant that has medicinal properties. It is said to have the ability to cure cancer especially colon cancer, nose cancer and several other disease like high blood pressure and diabetes. It might help my brother-in-law who is now battling nasal cancer.

Pereskia Sacharosa / Saecnarosa plant can be use for cancer cure
This Pereskia Sacharosa / Saecnarosa or in Malay Pokok Jarum Tujuh Bilah or Pokok Tujuh Jarum (Seven needles plant) from the family of Cactaceae is a cactus plant with leaves, probably not a common type of cactus plant as most of the cactus I have seen are without any leaf. This plant originally came from Korea but could be found in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia and can live in almost any type of condition except cold area. Hmm, that means it can't be grown in Cameron Highlands. However it grows better under the hot sun and in tropical climate. There is about 15-20 species of this plant found in South Africa, Middle of America and West India.

How's how it is taken:

There are three ways to prepare this herb:

1) You take 2 slices of Pereskia leaves and mix it with warm water, let it infuse for about 2 minutes and drink it as a tea.

2) You can eat it raw

3) You can juice it by blending several leaves of Pereskia.

After taking it, you are advised against taking any other types of drinks immediately as you would lose its potency. I should think you could drink some plain water to wash it down though. After all, the taste is bitter so it could be difficult to ingest it. However if it can cure, it could be use as part of your arsenal against cancer.


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