Refreshing Trip to Cameron Highlands

At first we wanted to head out to east coast and go visit the Terengganu sea beaches. However the weather in Kuala Lumpur was just way too hot for the past several weeks; so we decided to head to Cameron Highlands instead. So much for tourism Malaysia. The highlands is still fine by me. And this time, my parents-in-law, Kenny, Rebecca and Lindy was in tow too.

It was a big group and so Lena decided to book Greenhill Apartment, located next to Heritage Hotel in Tanah Rata. This booking was private and not done via RCI or Berjaya Leisure. It wasn't cheap either considering that we were going up on a superpeak weekend.

All in all, it was a refreshing trip. It rained while we were up there, and the average temp was about 23°C. Gerald of Father's Guesthouse said that this kind of weather was what it was like in the good old days when Cameron Highlands was really cold. Well the change in global weather pattern might have something to do about it, I guess.

Again I have amassed quite an assortment of material for updating my Cameron Highlands Destination web site. So now it is a matter of sorting through and making head and tails of the information to be properly posted for general public information. Yeah, yeah there were wrong assumptions made too, so that should teach me to be better travel writer. Can't just snap photos, and collect brochures. I have to interact with the owners and denizen there to get my facts right.

Well time to update the Cameron Highlands tourism Malaysia web site and make it the best ever!


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