Time to go Cameron Highlands soon

Lena decided it was time to take a break. And so this Labour Day long weekend seemed like a good opportunity to go Cameron Highlands to take a break, not only from the hotspell lately but also from work.

It was a hustle and bustle of activity as she went about to get the various food stuff ready. We are going to have a steamboat in Greenhill apartment which she managed to book. There also some special preparation as my brother-in-law was diagnose with cancer and he is going full out using complimentary / nutritional medicine way to combat cancer. It involves eating lots of vegetables, no meat, no sugar / carbohydrates, no salt, lots of supplements and anti-oxidants. Really blend food, but it seems to be the better alternate way than radio and chemotherapy.

As for the apartment rental, I hope to find out more from this lady who has various apartment under her care. Apparently this long weekend is rather peak, so I might not get a chance to view the various apartment she holds in her portfolio. Apartments in her care includes not only Greenhill Apartment but also Arabella, Desa Anthurium, Parkway, and various other. I wonder if she has any contact for bungalows...?

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