Cameron Highlands Weather

For those who are wondering about Cameron Highlands weather around this year end, no need to wonder. Typically it is the year end monsoon season with wind blowing in from the North-East to South-West bringing along with it the moisture laden atmosphere from the sea. When the moisture laden warm air hits the cool climate of the mountain range in the central area of Peninsular Malaysia it would result in precipitation.

Most if not all would fall on the east coast states of Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, as well the southern state, the east coast of Johor and of course Singapore too. However it would be more severe in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang because of the mountain ranges.

So expect to experience rain in Cameron Highlands from mild drizzle to heavy downpour during your trip. Carry your umbrella along, and try to factor in indoor activities rather than outdoor exploration activities. Avoid going for jungle bashing unless you are an intrepid outdoor adventurer who don't mind slushing through the jungle mud.

Visit to Bharat and Boh Tea Plantation is still alright but you might not be able to frolic in the tea plantation itself. Well, depends on your luck, I suppose. You could always visit the tea factory, heh, heh. Or just sit back and relax at the Boh Tea Centre or Bharat Shalimar Tea Shop and enjoy the grand view of rain pitter-patter on the tea plantation.

Visit to bee farm, butterfly farm, rose garden centres, cactus nurseries and various farms like strawberry farms, Kea farm, etc will depend on your fortune with sky as most of these Cameron Highlands sights and attractions are open air with some covering. You could carry your umbrella along, but if the rain gets too heavy it might be better to hold up somewhere like in a restaurant and have a nice hot cup of tea!

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