Yong Teng Cafe - Pancakes

I like pancakes. And you could find some cafes here and there in Cameron Highlands serving them. Here's one bit of info that I found in The Star, pancakes from Yong Teng Cafe. Will try them out next if I ever go up Cameron Highlands. Looks reall yummy too!

Yong Teng Cafe Pancakes

Stall No 4 at the Majlis Daerah stalls (diagonally opposite Bank Pertanian Malaysia), Tanah Rata. Open 8am-5pm.

Head to this stall for a quick meal, which is one of the cheapest places in Tanah Rata for a simple, hearty fare. The place is run by Teng See Poh and his wife, Yong Oi Kim, who are both hearing-impaired. Communication with the friendly couple isn't a problem, however, as diners are given a piece of paper to write their orders on. There is also a full-length menu with items listed in both Chinese and English, so just point to what you want.

Yong Teng Cafe Pancakes in Cameron Highlands

The food is simple but well prepared, and the pancakes are particularly good. Fruit toppings such as banana or strawberry accompany the crepes, and for an additional 50 sen, you can have a scoop of ice-cream as well. The stall also serves nasi lemak, burgers, hot dogs, toast and half-boiled eggs.

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