Cameron Highlands is to relax

"So how far is it from KL to Cameron Highlands?" my boss asked.

"About three hours by car and an additional one hour or two by bus." I replied.

"What is there to do and see there?"

"Well, there is the tea plantation, vegetable farms and markets, countryside views."

After thinking awhile, he thought the time and effort to go over to Cameron Highlands may not be worth the effort. He was planning a trip to Cameron Highlands for the long holiday break during Chinese New Year.

Church Camp at Greenhills Apartment, Cameron HighlandsBut that's the whole point of gong to Cameron Highlands -- to relax, and enjoy the greenery especially that of the tea plantation and to take up simple activities while enjoying the cool weather. Of course for a more outgoing outdoor adventure activities, you could go for jungle trekking.

But I guess each person is entitled to their own viewpoints. Some people prefer going to Malaysia islands or beaches for their relaxing vacation getaways where they can feel and smell the salty sea breeze blowing by and the hot sun on their back and face (and getting sunburned in the process). And of course, having lived in the hot humid climate of Malaysia, heading to the Malaysia highlands to have some natural cool climate instead of the artificially created air-conditioned environment is a welcome change indeed.

To each his own paradise retreat. So your choice -- to Malaysia islands and beaches or to Malaysia highlands like Cameron Highlands?

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and vacation places do get pretty packed especially from 3rd day of CNY onwards when we Chinese after having visited all the family, relatives and friends it is time for some family outing! So choose your vacation travel destination and book your hotel and accommodation early to avoid disappointment!


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