Century Pines Hotel Tanah Rata

My brother-in-law finally checked in Century Pine Hotel in Tanah Rata. Now he is very particular about service, after all, he is also in the service industry. The Century Pines Hotel service leaves much to be desired. Apparently during this peak period they are rather short handed I suppose. Still so far I have heard many complaints about most of the hotel service in Cameron Highlands. I guess you just can't expect the service level of this hillside resort to be comparable with those hotels in Kuala Lumpur. Century Pines Resort hotel is considered to be about 3 to 4 stars. My wife quipped that if you really want good service go stay in YTL Cameron Highlands Resort. Haha! That would really burn a hole in your wallet! If you really want good service level you could try Lakehouse Cameron Highlands but that too is not cheap! Even if it is the expensive hotels I have seen people complaining about their service levels too.

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