Century Pines Hotel vs Heritage Hotel

The other day my brother asked, "Century Pines Hotel vs Heritage Hotel, which one better?"

My brother was trying to find a hotel in Tanah Rata and was deciding on one of the star rated hotels in Cameon Highlands. Heritage Hotel has been long established while Century Pines Hotel was refurbished. After staying in each hotel I liked Century Pines Hotel. I think in terms of star rating Heritage got 5 star while Century Pines Hotel got 4 star. I don't how the star rating system works or how they evaluate whether this hotel should be this many stars or that many stars. But when you stay there you like it then I should say the hotel in Cameron Highlands that you stayed is good.

So Century Pines Hotel vs Heritage Hotel which one is better?

I liked Century Pines Hotel especially its ground floor unit that opens up the garden. Good for children to run around and something green for the eyes to see. On top of that easy access to Tanah Rata main road where the main shops and restaurants are located. Ya lor, lazy to walk ma.

And of course if you are feeling less lazy, the Parit trail is just next to it by the river. Got Feng Shui, you got hills, you water, you got land, umm but I'm no Feng Shui master so probably don't know what I'm talking about.

As for Heritage Hotel which shares the compound with Greenhill Apartments, maybe they do too much development and so have less greenery around Heritage Hotel. However some of the rooms have very good view of Cameron Highlands surrounding.

The thing about carpeted rooms, they need to clean it often otherwise it will smell of mildew. So if you don't have blocked nose, you will smell it clearly. While the garden room of Century Pines Hotel they use tiles. Tiles may be easier to clean and no mildew smell problem but they are very cold for the feet if you don't wear your slippers or shoes while walking around the room. Malaysian style of walking around rooms is usually barefooted, so a cold tile is no fun, while the carpeted floor of Heritage Hotel would be nicer.

So in the end which of the above hotel in Tanah Rata town is better? Your choice. For me I would prefer Century Pines Hotel, but Heritage Hotel is also ok-lah!

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