Sam Po Kong Temple in Brinchang

I haven't got a chance to blog about Sam Poh Kong Temple or the other places of worship although it was in the back of my mind for some time. One reader asked me where is the Buddhist temple in Cameron Highlands. There are many Buddhist temples around Cameron Highlands. Somehow Sam Poh Kong is the most popular and it is usually featured in the commercial Cameron Highlands map.

Anyway, how to go to Sam Poh Kong temple in Brinchang. From the direction of Tanah Rata heading to Brinchang. When arriving Brinchang, on the right there is the Hindu temple, and between the Hindu temple and Iris Hotel there is a road, turn right and enter it. The road is kinda narrow and passes by several more accommodations, hotels and living quarters. Just follow along it and you could arrive at the Sam Poh Kong temple.


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