Cameron Highlands Current Weather

This hot weather in Malaysia is getting unbearable. Wish I got a chance to head out to the hills. Of course no choice gotta work to pay bills and save for the future. Recently the newspaper highlighted the hot weather situation in Malaysia. A quick check with the Meteorological website and found out that the day time Cameron Highlands weather temperature is about 25°C.

However that is based on the weather instrument and if I remember my geography physical lessons, the thermometer is placed in a little shed. So that's probably the temperature of Cameron Highlands in a shed. If there is a hot sun shining, I think the temperature would be much higher.

The Petaling Jaya, Selangor temperature is about 32° C and Singapore is going on healthy roast of about 35°C! Still not as hot as the northern states of Malaysia with Alor Setar and Chuping measuring a scalding 37°C!

Wish it would rain more and help cool down the hot weather spell recently. Doing just about anything would result in heavy sweat! Sometimes just sitting around in the house would area produce sweat in my forehead and my shirt would be drench even from doing nothing!

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