Malaysia Holidays School Term Break

Watch out! The Malaysia holidays school term break will start from 13th March to 21st March. And for a double whammy, the Singapore holidays school term semester break also falls on the same date. As you know, Malaysians and Singaporean simply loves to go Cameron Highlands for a getaway vacation. Because it is cool, a chance to get away from the blistering dry spell and hot weather lately, so a good cool weather in Cameron Highlands is just the antidote for hot humid weather Malaysia.

But the double school term break will lead to the infamous traffic jam in Cameron Highlands. Already I see many comments in my Facebook fan page with the denizens of Cameron Highlands bracing for traffic crunch and welcome all to all holidays makers to Cameron Highlands for some traffic mayhem!

So plan your holiday getaway carefully and see if you can avoid the weekends and aim for the middle of week. That means taking your precious annual leave from work to have a holiday together with your beloved family.

And if you don't want to join the maddening crowd, then head out elsewhere. Don't know where to go? Try the MATTA Fair 2010 in PWTC Kuala Lumpur starting from 12-14 March, 10am - 9pm. And if you still can't find where you want to go, then Cameron Highlands beckons you!

Happy holidays!

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