Coach Bus Transportation

An interesting conversation with Gerard. When a guest enquired on which bus coach service to take, Gerard replied, “You pay more for the bus service that breaks down the least often.”

Intriguing. The cheaper the coach bus service, the more prone the bus you're planning to take will breakdown. And if you have a connecting flight to catch, you are in big trouble!

Murphy's Law also plays a part here too!

When related an incident, one group who booked a coach bus service in the morning to travel from Cameron Highlands to Penang, the morning bus broke down. So the bus company relegated them to the next coming bus on schedule. And what do you know? That second bus broke down too on the way up to Cameron Highlands!

That's why I prefer to drive, you can go anywhere easily like this Raub town!

So what the bus company did was to place them on the normal public bus service to take them down to Tapah where they can catch another bus coach to Penang. And that public bus too broke down, and have to wait for the next public bus service.

All in all, it took them some more than 12 hours to reach their travel destinations!

There's a lesson to be learned here. Cheap is not necessary good.

And the conclusion, go for Kang Minivan service. Best all rounder!

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