How to use this Cameron Highlands website

Basically I have tried to compartmentalise the information and article reviews into section. Of course sometimes the ideas do overlap so it might end up here and there, but basically I have placed them into several general groups:

Tourist Attractions
Getting There

Dark sky, sign of rain

And from there, there are sub-groups and sub headings, so in the end it gets kinda messy. Hopefully you will be able to access each of the information quickly without throwing up your hands in exasperation and head towards the comment section and throw me an email. Hey, I'm kinda busy and if the question is inane I probably won't entertain. After all the information is in the website somewhere.

Use the site search, it might just turn up some gems lodged deep within the site. And yes, it is growing day by day, and getting bigger! The information lie therein might serve you well for planning your trip to Cameron Highlands!

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