Jamu from Rafflesia Flower

Interesting how this traditional medicine ‘jamu’ using Rafflesia flower azlanii bud for reducing weight, to shrink uterus after giving birth and for supposedly sexual strength for men. The UKM study found out that it works in a way but there is a unfortunately cost to using this Rafflesia flower bud, it damages the liver and spleen.

This highlight shows that using ‘jamu ‘ made using Rafflesia flower bud is not safe for consumption. When they fed it to the mice subjects, they did find the size of the mice decreased, which you meant if you want to lose weight it works, but at a cost of damaging your liver and spleen which also decreased in size despite the fact the liver was able to detoxify the body from the harmful substance.

Perhaps this warning should help to preserve the Rafflesia flower plant from being harvested (and sold for about RM9 to RM25 depending on the size), AFAIK, which is an endangered species. Perhaps the Rafflesia plant azlanii specie is not so endangered? Well I’m no botanist, but I do know there are many traditional medicine be it Chinese, Malay, Indian or Western, all must be studied carefully before simply consuming them. You never know the active ingredient may have some other undesired side effect.

Like recently I just learned that Ginseng does boost your blood circulation and metabolism (they managed to isolate the active ingredient during their research) but is not good to be consumed during childbearing because it dilates the blood vessel and would cause excessive bleeding during delivery.

My dad also advises me not to mix Western medicine with traditional Chinese herbs and medicine as it might cause undesired effect or it might cancel out each other’s potency.

Anyway as far as Rafflesia flower plant is concerned, I just want to view the largest flower in the world and not so much about taking it as a traditional medicine.

Some facts about Rafflesia flower plant

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