4 ways to go Cameron Highlands

I found out that there are four ways to go Cameron Highlands. Well almost 4 ways, as the latest route is still under construction. I learned it from Kang Travels the last I was up, and some weeks ago it was reported in the newspaper. So in future you can take your pick on how to travel to Cameron Highlands or even make your connection to another holiday travel destinations from those routes!

These are the routes:
1. From Tapah via North-South Expressway
2. From Simpang Pulai via North-South Expressway
3. From Gua Musang
4. From Kuala Lipis which connects to Bertam Valley

PLUS NKVE highway to Cameron Highlands

The last on the list is still under construction and should be completed by August 2010. Now the east coast people will have an easier route to travel to Cameron Highlands rather than take one big round via Karak Highway to Batu Caves then from there to North-South Expressway and take either Tapah or Simpang Pulai entry!

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