Budget accommodation

Sometimes people ask where is the cheapest accommodation to stay in Cameron Highlands? Well be careful what you ask for! Because the cheapest accommodation is not necessary where you want to stay! This cheap lodging goes for about RM10-RM15 per night per person. And they are usually dormitory style or room share style.

This type of accommodation is for those backpackers who are traveling on a shoestring. Usually students are just fresh out of college or university and decided to see the world before settling down to find a job, get married and raise a family. Very different from us Asians who normally after graduating would be all raring to go find a job and start earning an income! After all, graduates have just burned a big hole in their parents pocket and to ask for some more pocket money to go traipsing round the world? You got to be joking!

Anyway, for those who are adventure hungry and don't mind roughing it out, budget accommodation like this are just perfect! Easy on the pockets, but a little rough on the luxury part! Hey, that's the spirit of adventure!

So where are the cheap hotels accommodation of this sort in Cameron Highlands? There are four that I know off, namely: Kang Travels, Father's Guesthouse, Twinpines/KRS, and Cameronian Inn.

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