School Holidays

How time flies! It is already pass the middle of school holidays. Days are hot and sometimes it rains. Cameron Highlands is no different when it comes to kooky weather. The world climate is topsy-turvy and so is Cameron Highlands. So take your chances and see if the weather in Cameron Highlands is cool or just plain balmy like the English weather. Then you can go for a dainty afternoon tea and scones top up with Devonshire cream and go a bit English.

With World Cup going on, might be nice to hole up in some bistro that has World Cup feature in their nightly watering hole. Perhaps the Jungle Bar at Kang's Travelodge? Or Father's Guesthouse video room? Twinpines perhaps? Or go all snobby and try out YTL Cameron Highlands Resort?

I'll catch the World Cup finals later. Too many things to do. Still have to slog it out at work. But I like the school term break rush hour traffic. It's not as bad and I can get to work several minutes ahead than non-school holiday traffic. Just one of those little silver linings in life to be thankful for!

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