All quiet on the highlands front

To take the pun, "All quiet on the western front", well school holidays is over and most people is back to work so Cameron Highlands is having a little peace and quiet for now. Good for relaxing but not good for the people who are working the tourism industry in Cameron Highlands.

And yes, as for the Malaysia economy is not quite picking up as what the government says. That's propaganda for you. On paper or Malaysia news, they will say hey GDP is up and what's not and the fund allocation to spur the industry is spent and all that. Funny I get a different feedback from the people that I met.

Hari Ray Puasa is coming up but the food sales is not picking up as it should. My customer says that usually this time their sales will pick up for the food industry, so if they go down my sales go down.

My day job is varied and do meet interesting people from various industries. So the food industry is down, but other supporting industry is up. I get lots of inquiries for non-woven for various uses, and withing that sub-sub-category, there are sectors that up and sectors that are down. Still it is going well.

And as for the automotive, now that seems kinda slow. And I have customer that cry out for rescue coz protong is not picking up as it should be. Hmmm... can't really do much there. If raw material prices goes up but customer's customer not willing to let your price go up, soon they may end up in the red.

As for us lay people out in the market, working on this and that and trying to catch where the income comes so we can put food on the table, this is certainly mix signals in the market. Anyway, hopefully tourism do pickup as my buddies in Cameron Highlands and my website is depended on such arrivals to do well.

July look set to be slow. Also noted there isn't any public holiday to spur travel vacation domestically. Ah, Malaysian holidays are based on various ethnic calendars so it will never fall on the same date every year. You get bunches with months that have many public holidays and some like dessert waiting for rain.

I myself have been kept busy and trying to find the free time to update my website. Still got pages to add. Maybe the world cup is making the economy slow down. Productivity do goes down when people don't get enough sleep from watching some people kicking a ball around in a field. But that's the passion, and where there is passion that's where your heart lies.

I guess I rambling aimlessly here so better sign off till I have something better to blog about, especially information about Cameron Highlands which is what you guys are looking for, ain't it?

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