Bertam Valley Road to Bentong

Received feedback from Alvin that he tried the new road from Bertam Valley to Bentong, Pahang / Kuala Lipis. I would have thought they would open the new road in August but looks like they have already open it. The road is still a little rough according to Alvin but he made it all the way to Bentong without any problem.

Excerpt from his comments as follows:

Interest route that you may like to know of. When I returned, I head to Pahang Bentong. Instead of going through the coming route, I took the road to Ringlet where I will head to Bertam Valley. This is a very very new road and it lead you to Raub and so on. This road comes with a very scenic view and farms, orang asli along the road side selling stuff. Oil plantation along Raub area. Few cars, of course due to new road, but interestingly is, it took me only about 2h45mins to reach Bentong town. One of the look out is don't drive too near to the road edge where I saw few road/land slides but they were already blocked it out. So relatively safe. I believed another 3 to 6 months time, the road will be 100% in operation. Highway nothing much to see but people who are adventurous can choose above path.

If it goes to Bentong, I think I can head all the way to Raub where my aunts are staying. Can take them to Cameron Highlands too without taking a big round from Batu Caves. Anyway that will be future trip planning to Cameron Highlands.

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