Green Tea Polyphenols and Catechine

Came up this discussion about the downside of drinking too much Green Tea. Although drinking Green Tea Polyphenols and Catechine has the good benefit of anti-oxidants which helps to prevent cancer and fighting against free radicals. Drinking too much has side effects that are no good for the body.


Also to note that Catechine can be found in fruits and vegetables too.


In everything, there should be moderation. Neither too much nor too little. This world is in a state of equilibrium and so is your bodily function. Just like too much sugar is no good and too little is no good either.


Here is what they said if too much Polyphenols and Catechine is taken:

1. It will harm the liver and kidney: Liver is the main organ for our body to "detoxify" most chemicals, and kidney helps us to "release" partial wastes. Too much catechine would be toxic to liver and kidney and create burden to them.

2. It is hard to bowel: it slows down the bowel movement if too much/strong. However, strong tea can help people who have some diarrhoea issues. Try some concentrated pomegranate juice to help out this ailment. So it depend on each situation. When the wastes stay in the body for too long, it will become toxic. (This probably refers to black tea, coz strong Green Tea causes irritable bowel for me!)

3. Kidney stone.

4. Interacts with iron thus reducing the absorption, but if drank properly, it can be avoided.

(I wonder if it will affect the absorption of calcium too, since too much coffee would reduce the ability for calcium absorption.)


But I wonder how much is too much. I heard there are situations where they could get concentrated Green Tea to obtain the good antioxidant effects of Polyphenols and Catechine.


Anyhow, in just about anything moderation is key. We should neither abstain nor overly infuse ourselves with Green tea. Just like we should eat all kinds of vegetables to obtain the benefits of the bioflavonoid anti-oxidants and vegetable fibre and yet should not be completely vegetarian.  

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