Cameron Highlands Really Crowded!

My dad gave me a text. Cameron Highlands was very crowded with many people and cars. Most likely due to extended Hari Raya and Malaysia day holidays. He will be back soon next few days, I'm sure he will be able to squeeze through the crowds and enjoy some greenery time and cool weather up at Cameron Highlands.

The weather in the lowlands were pretty wonky with hot sun on one day and super duper heavy rain the next day. This morning woke up to a super duper downpour. Fortunately it died down sufficiently for me to get to my car to go to work on time. Traffic was so-so. I guess many are still on leave. Expecting mad rush hour traffic when next week starts with school holidays over. Now office also rather quiet except that I was having some outage with my Bluehost account for several hours. Now it is back up again finally!

Ah! Still got many more pages to update and feeling a little lethargic!

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