Chinese Homestay in Cameron Highlands

My uncle went for a Chinese Homestay in Cameron Highlands. It is a farm located in Kea Farm. Interesting. Usually homestays in Malaysia are in Malay house. So this is something new to me. Perhaps the Malaysia homestay program is just helping the Malay home owners mostly for their side income and I wonder if they also do help out with the Chinese Homestay who would like to participate in this kind of homestay program. It would be great if the government helped the less abled Chinese community too and that would definitely boost the 1 Malaysia concept of Malaysia first rather than just talking rhetoric.

Anyway my uncle had a great time on this alternative form of Cameron Highlands accommodation so if you would be interested to give this homestay accommodation a try you may contact this Chinese Homestay in Cameron Highlands.

Contact details:
"Ng Family"
MDCH 188 Kea Farm
39100 Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
Tel: +605-496 1240
Mobile: +6017-5192404

It seems they have a website, but my uncle has misplaced that info.
Anyway, there is still the phone contact above if you wish to check this homestay accommodation in Kea Farm.

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Ms PotterMe said...

I have seen the homehouse during my trip there last weekend; a cosy and very convenient place. It's located along the road. Mrs Ng whom I spoke to is a humble and friendly woman. The Ng family grows many flowering plants and vegetables. My mother loves the sunflowers; they were one and half times the size of an adult's palm. We even saw some lavender plants- great ! I even bought some flowers from her; i saw her cut them from her farm herself, Freshly cut, how amazing ! And most of all, i got them at a good price. No bargaining is required.

I am thinking of getting some close friends up there again; this time hopefully staying at the homestay. We can buy fresh vegetables from Mrs Ng or the nearby market and cook them oursevles. Wow, organic vegetables for every meal ! How exciting ! I can't wait for that day.