Natasya Resort Cameron Highlands

Looks like another new Cameron Highlands apartment accommodation just sprung up out of no where. With the many construction and projects coming up you never know what is coming. The new Natasya Resort Cameron Highlands is located in Kea Farm next to Hotel Equatorial. It boast many facilities and amenities much like a regular hotel. Judging from the price tag, it doesn't look cheap. Then again most apartments in Cameron Highlands aren't cheap anyway, but when you figure in the number of persons such as your entire family clan, the cost per person goes down significantly. And more so if you all share the cost of the accommodation.

Rates as shown on their website:
Include breakfast:
Normal Rate
Weekdays = MYR 310 nett / MYR 480 nett (peak rate)
Weekend = MYR 380 nett / MYR 480 nett (peak rate)

Exclude breakfast:
Normal Rate
Weekdays = MYR 250 nett / MYR 420 nett (Peak Rate)
Weekend = MYR 320 nett / MYR 420 nett (Peak Rate)

Will have to check this place next time I up at Cameron Highlands.


[update 30/oct/2010]
Got a good night sleep here! Check out my review of Natasya Resort Cameron Highlands! Leave a comment about Natasya Resort if you have stayed here or viewed the room.


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Samuel said...

Wow, nice vacation destination, honeymoon would be great in this place.
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