SOLVED! The Mysterious Disappearance of Jim Thompson

Here are some books by Edward Roy DeSouza who claim he has solved the mysterious disappearance of Jim Thompson, the legendary Thai Silk King. This is the second edition to the earlier book of the same name that he wrote highlighting the possibility of might have caused Jim Thompson to disappear in jungles of Cameron Highlands. Perhaps History Channel should make a documentary of this famous figure of Cameron Highlands. After all they did discuss about the communist insurgency in Malaya during the Malayan Emergency period and they show cased about the VAT 69 as well as the Al Mauniah arms heist. So why not Jim Thompson too?

Anyway, if you are curious about what Edward Roy DeSouza has to say about Jim Thompson disappearance you could grab any of his books sold in Amazon. Couldn't find his book in MPH, Borders or Popular in Malaysia. So looks like you just have ship it over from Amazon if you are at all curious about this book: SOLVED! The Mysterious Disappearance of Jim Thompson, the Legendary Thai Silk King (2nd Edition).


1st Edition

2nd Edition

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