cameron highlands notes

Decided to do a quikie drop in to Cameron Highlands. My last visit was about six months ago. Then a healthy cheerful baby boy came into this brave new world and I was a tad busy to update anything about Camerons in a major way.

So if I got the chance to pop in even for one night then do so!

It's been five years ago since I started my travel website about Cameron Highlands and it has grown a lot with lots of good content. It can still reach greater heights just need to find time to do it.

This time round was to meet up with old friends and make new friends and look up both new and old places and see what are the changes in Cameron Highlands. Even for such a small place I still got so many things to write about. It simply dynamic place, a never ending growth and renewal.

And if things work out, I may even get to do a new project with that famous rail service. Not letting the cat out of the bag just yet! Once it falls through you will know.

For now is time to update the ever growing, ever popular website Cameron Highlands Destination about what else? Good ol' Cameron Highlands.

And yes, Karen, your fingers are tired clickaty clakaty replying all the inquiries! But it is good, yes?

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