Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali!


So 5th of November is Deepavali and it is on a Friday. That makes this weekend a super week end, which also means it is a super peak period. Since Cameron Highlands is now so popular many visitors  just clamour for more of it when holiday comes!


I know many of you are eyeing this date and I have some people asking me whether Simpang Pulai way is better or Tapah way is better to go up during this super weekend and then they get worried about the very winding zig-zag road of Tapah when I advise the best route to visit Cameron Highlands is to use the Tapah Road.


Well, if you leave early in the morning, you probably can use the easier to drive Simpang Pulai road, and probably won't get stuck in any massive traffic jam just yet as the Brinchang Night Market is not yet set up and many visitors have not arrived and are probably still planning their trip, packing their luggage or just lazing around taking their sweet time to prepare for the journey to Cameron Highlands.


But if you are driving in the AFTERNOON, forget it! Listen to me very carefully, DON'T USE THE SIMPANG PULAI WAY! Did that grab your attention or do I have to repeat it?


The reason? The main culprit is the Brinchang Night Market, but the other Cameron Highlands attractions like Multicrop, Kea Farm and several other nurseries also contribute to the massive traffic jam stemming all the way from Kampung Raja.


If you think Cameron Highlands is too cold and would like to keep your car seat warm for the next four hours you are welcome to take the "easier to drive" Simpang Pulai route.


I have friends and family suffering the same fate when they don't listen to me. I used the Tapah route, took my sweet time to drive through the dense jungle and zig-zag road, made a stop at Lakehouse, Bharat Tea Plantation and even drop by the Kedai Runcit because we forgot some groceries and then check in the apartment in Cameron Highlands. Guest what? They were still stucked somewhere after Tringkap when we asked them where are they?


Still want to use Simpang Pulai way during this super weekend super peak holiday season? Be my guest!



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