Bus tragedy in Simpang Pulai Cameron Highlands road

This bus tragedy at the Simpang Pulai Cameron Highlands road is really sad and shocking. Woke up to see this big news splattered on the front page of Star newspaper. With so many people dead and injured, it is truly unfortunate. It should have been a merry making time enjoying the sights and sound of the highlands but now those that survive can only carry the grim memory of the mishap.


Although the Simpang Pulai route to Cameron Highlands and wider and smoother to drive there is indeed a risk as you could end up being complacent with your driving. Do note that this is still a highland driving and the road is not straight and there are various degrees of gradient which will create different momentum when going downhill.


For most careful drivers, going at a slower pace is a wise decision (but not too slow please). A 70kph is good a speed for safe driving. Any slower you end up like snail and pose a danger to other faster moving vehicles by way of them hitting you or trying to overtake you at inappropriate places.


Going down too fast would has a higher risk of losing control of your vehicle and they most often occurs at road bends, especially where the curvature of the road is at a greater angle. The torque would pull your car to wider circumference and you would end up crossing to the opposite lane if there is no divider, or as per the tragedy, hitting the road divider.


Even skilled drivers may make mistakes, and an impatient or angry driver are the most dangerous drivers not only putting themselves to risk but also endangering other road users as well.


So to all you drivers out there, good and less skilled, drive carefully! Speed kills. So do keep calm and keep your heads cool, and of course head of to Cameron Highlands to cool down further for this yearend holiday season and come home alive to tell your family and friends about this wonderful Malaysia holiday travel destination.

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