No more Brinchang Night Market?

No more Brinchang Night Market? Well if Majlis Cameron Highlands says so everybody has to follow. Majlis plans to shift the night market to Tanah Rata. So in future it will be known as Tanah Rata Night Market and with brings along all the goodies and trash with it.

So Tanah Rata will become more lively as visitors will get to 'borong' all the veggies and stuff their mouths full of yummies.

Unfortunately, it will likely cause a massive jam in Tanah Rata instead despite that it will be held on a rather unused car park lot right under the Majlis office off from the main Jalan Besar road.

Will just have to wait and see how it goes when they do shift the Brinchang Night Market to Tanah Rata.

--- [update 20/8/2011]

Looks like the Night Market in Brinchang will remain. Nobody wanted to shift to Tanah Rata I suppose. So if on a peak holiday season, plan your travel itinerary carefully and not get stuck in traffic jam coming in via Simpang Pulai way!

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