Cosmetic changes to homepage

Decided to do a minor makeover of Cameron Highlands Destination homepage. Not much, still kept the signature earthy brown background with musky blue. I guess this is my website branding colour I suppose. Added the Facebook like panel so now visitors can 'like' and join the Facebook pages. It's been growing too! Social website to the fore! I think I still need to do some tweaking to the home page to make it more functional. But being a one man show with a day job, a baby to take care, several websites to maintain, there seemed to be insufficient time to keep constant updates and tweaking of the website. Thankfully what i have done here has been laudably good and am getting very good traffic. Kinda slow these Jan and Feb month but it is to be expected every beginning of the year when everyone is winding to high working gear. Not any different for me with so many work projects to do. With the Chinese New Year drawing to a close, it is going to be one heck of a busy year for me! Here's dreaming of taking a break to the cool Cameron Highlands! Bon voyage!

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