Backpackers Day Trip Tour to Brinchang

I need your help to suggest me about how to buy day trip or tour to Brinchang. I will go to Cameron Highland in April and stay in Tanah Rata for 2 nights but it'd be great if we can set up our travel plan to fully utilize our short vacation.

Thanks in advance for your advice & thanks for useful info in your link.

Boebie Brown

Dear Boebie Brown,
There is no day trip package to Brinchang. Just use a taxi to get there.

Thank you Jan.. However, we are budget backpackers so we would like to know how much we will pay for it or any public transportation provided.

Dear Brown,

It is possible to walk from Tanah Rata to Brinchang, how long it takes I have no idea as I usually drive. Driving takes about 5 minutes, so it might take about 30 minutes by walking (just a guess). Taxi cost RM25 per hour, can take up to 4 passengers (1 front, 3 rear) if you are plus size then only 2 rear or you can try to squeeze in! Or you can use the public bus but walking might get you there sooner than public bus!

Backpackers... so very likely you will be staying at Kang Travelodge, Father's Guesthouse, Cameronian Inn, Twinpines or 8 Mentigi. Check with them about tour packages with cheapest starting from RM60.


Thanks a heaps!
We will follow your suggestion.
Have a good day!

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