Cameron Highlands Thieves

Whoa! Received this link about a family using a child trying to shop lift this shop in Cameron Highlands. C'mon, is the economy so bad that they have to resort to this kind of criminal activity?

The shop owners were shocked. I'm shaking my head and wondering where this world is headed. Maybe they are taking their cue from the current ruling government, if you can get away with murder, then duit err... do it.

Look, shop owners are struggling to keep their business going. If you feel the price of goods is expensive it is not the shop owner's fault for charging so high. It is the way the economy works. The law of demand and supply; cause and effect. The higher price of petroleum leads to higher cost of production and transportation and raw material which in turns pushes up inflation which is the real thief of everyday person struggling to make their income stretch.

Two wrongs do not make a right. And the government is not doing anything to address the situation and people's real income has become smaller over the years. A graduate's pay 20 years ago and now is still the same or worst, smaller. So the fault lies with the government not doing enough to alleviate the people's situation.

Still that doesn't mean the lay person has to resort to curi-curi Malaysia. Hey this is cuti-cuti Malaysia not the other way round!

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