Contacts already provided, please do your own legwork

Really how difficult it is to just pick up the telephone and dial the numbers on my Cameron Highlands website? I have already done all the tedious legwork of running around up there in Cameron Highlands sacrificing my leisure time (although I do enjoy the romp) to collect the accommodation contacts and then compiling it and posting it onto my website.

Take for instance the homestays contacts in Taman Sedia. I walked the entire neighbourhood noting down the owner's contact and telephone numbers listed in front of their houses. It took me an entire afternoon to do it. I don't have the time to knock at each homestay owner's door and then do further interviews like whether you got Astro, email account, can speak English or not, hot shower, room condition, how much to it cost to stay, got cats and pets or not, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah

Hello? I may know a lot of things about Cameron Highlands but I'm no walking encyclopaedia. Best way to find out is to pick up that telephone next to your desk or use your handy-dandy mobile phone, dial the number and find out from the horses' mouth!

Easy, yes?

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