Taking a break at Desa Park City

My wife wanted to have a lookee see at some baby stuff at Desa Park City and later I need to get some grocery and Desa Park City got Max Value, a Jusco mini supermarket. So off we go with my mom-in-law and niece in tow. Niece is very happy to go for an outing, for a 2 year old she's been clamouring to go out just about every other day.
It was long wet ride finally arriving at Desa Park City. First thing first, a quickie coffee break, got the buy 1 free 1 using my Citibank clear credit card. I though wife want a drink too turn out she rather go shopping and I ended up with 2 large cup of coffee! Ugh, that was a little too much for me while I chilled out in Coffee Bean.
This place is nice, very upmarket and very much beyond my means to own a property here. My wife likes it very much too, but with a price tag like RM800,000 for a condo, RM2 million for a house, it is way beyond my means.
Besides, I'm planning for a property invesement where at least rental inccome must cover montly loan installament to eventually get a retirement fund going later when the loan is fully paid up. This upmartket area is not the right place for future investment. For living here that would be fine, but for investment, this would not be right.
Anyway, i'm feeling bloated and rather 'jelat' dring 2 cuppa coffee.
Sky is cloudy here. With many people having their evening stroll at the park, some with their little toy dog pets and young girls in their skinny jeans walking about. Nice place to hang out and watch the world go by. Baby likes it too. Head spinning left and right looking at sights.
Sitting here is just so comfortable. But time to get a moving!

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