Wedding Planners and Bridal Houses

Hi there. I loved this site and a lot of information about Cameron
Highlands. Thank you. I will getting married this December and we have a wedding in Cameron Highlands. Do you know anyone whom I can get in contact with in Camron Highlands for the wedding preparations? Thank you.

Anna Raj
Negeri Sembilan

Dear Anna,

Firstly, congratulations on your marriage!
As for wedding planners, I don't think there are any in CH.


Note: There are no wedding planners or bridal houses in Cameron Highlands. Basically this place is too small to have such kind of services. Most likely the nearest place would be from Ipoh City. Though for wedding reception dinner or lunch, you could contact the star rated hotels like YTL Cameron Highlands Resort, Equatorial CH, Strawberry Park Resort as they have halls large enough to accommodate a large number of people. While Lakehouse and Smokehouse hotel though very cosy can accommodate smaller groups.

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