Advertise Apartment in Website

I want to advertised my resort apartment in your website, may I know
1) how should I go abot that
2) what is the rate/charges
3) what is the duration
4) how to pay you
5)any info that I need to know?
I have creted my blogspot.

Lim Chong Yaw
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Dear Lim,
Greetings! Write and review is FOC. You just need to supply me the info and
photos. But if you want to advertise on the frontpage of my website or need
me to create a proper website that would be chargeable.
Eg of websites that I have created:
By the way, where is your apartment located and what is your URL address.

Hi Jan,

I just want to advertise on the frontpage. There are few options

1) Probably you just need to put a link to my blogspot. (how much and what is the duration)
2) Like your current frontpage of the apartment advertisement. (how much and the duration, I noticed that thre are some without hyperlink). Probably you may write and review of the apartment which is standardise across on your website
3) How much to create a proper website?

My blogspot is
The apartment is located just next to Smoke House, facing golf course. You may get more info from my blogspot.

If you require more info, please let me know.
Would you mind to provide your phone, so that I can contact you directly.
Have a nice day.

Hi Jan,
Thanks a lot for your info.
I shall contact you next week to meet up again.

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