Going to Cameron Highlands

Looks like many people is planning to go Cameron Highlands in the upcoming super long weekend! With the Malaysian holidays and school breaks around the corner it is sure going to be a nice crowd up there.

My parents did a good planning and went up last weekend. Hope they had a good time.

As for me, with so many busy things to do, I doubt I will be going up to Cameron Highlands anytime soon. Missed the opportunity to tag along with the Church seniors who stayed in OMH which I think stands for Overseas Mission House. It seems it is a nice bungalow reserved only for Church workers only.

I wanted to show them around CH, but I guess and of course try out the bungalow. I guess I will just have to wait till another time, if God willing. Anyway, they had a good time at the Highlands Restaurant charcoal steamboat with that tall signature funnel. They thoroughly enjoyed it but wondered how they are going to fit in the entire cell members when they go up there again. I didn't have the restaurant number so won't be able to help them to make the booking.

Well, I didn't think of making a Malaysian food blog for my website at that time when I visited Highlands Restaurant.  Well will just have to wait another time to collect the name card and update the web page.

Church Camp @ Genting Highlands

This time round my church will be organizing a church at Genting View apartments in Genting Highlands instead of Cameron Highlands. I think it is a good thing too considering the logistic matter of ferrying the various equipment while just staying for one night only. So Genting Highlands is a good choice since it takes approximately one hour drive from KL.

But my wife wanted a longer break, and taking a Friday off was a good idea. Considered as non-peak, the rates were cheaper at Awana Genting Highlands. If we were to stay on for Sunday night the hotel rate would double!

For additional cost savings we borrowed a Genting World card and booked online and saved off about RM30. Not bad, not bad. Would be looking forward for this break. Looks like this will be a first for my baby. His first highlands trip! I'm sure he would enjoy himself too being such an inquisitive little toddler!

Enjoy yourselves this coming long holiday break!


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