Romantic Hotels Resort for Proposals, Recommendations

I was planning to stay 2 nights from 29 April 2011. In the same time I would like to proposed to my gf the next day. Any idea which hotel I can do so?


Dear Ken,

If you have the budget, go for YTL Cameron Highlands Resort, Lakehouse Resort, or Smokehouse Hotel. Other notable choice include De La Ferns.


Thanks Jan.. I already manage to get the room. Thanks for your help.
Ken 14/4

So tell me, which hotel did you go for? – Jan. 14/4

casa dela rosa. any comment? - Ken 15/4

Oh, that one facing the golf course. Have not seen their rooms. Looks nice from the outside. Pricey too. They belong to the same owner for a chain of hotels in CH (De La Ferns, Rosa Passedena). Should be good. Let me know if the hotel was good. And of course, do tell me she said yes to your proposal!

All the best!

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