SBI Meet Up for tea or coffee, nice!

Hi again Jan,

I just have to write again as I saw that you have made your site through SBI, amazing, that is what I am doing now! Building up a site with SBI..but not about traveling. Anyway, that is really interesting and such a coincidence. Right now I am in Sarawak for the election, I have made my living my journalism to be able to live abroad, which I am very tired of, and that is how I found solution with SBI to change my direction. I will visit Cameron Highlands in May, have a look around, and then if I like it up there I plan to return in late August/early September after spending a longer time with parents and friends as I haven't really been back in Sweden for six years. I don't know if you have time, just felt spontanously that it would be nice to just meet for a coffee or whatever. Two SBI:ers in the same spot.

Anna Sternfeldt

Dear Anna,

Small world indeed, though hardly surprising as I have SBI friends (unfortunately due to distance, haven't got a chance to meet up with any). I don't live in Cameron Highlands though. Much like Ken Evoy's daughter who has a beautiful website about Aguilera while they live in Canada.

If ever we do meet, yes, we can have coffee perhaps Starbucks? There is one in Cameron Highlands, or go for tea or teh tarik!

For renting or long stay in a house or apartment you can try Michael Chin (+6012-506070 / +6019-5126070).

Oh, by the way, what's your website URL?


Dear Jan,

Thank you very much for your quick reply!! And I am very grateful for the contact details. Actually when I have looked into it a bit more I think Cameron Highlands will be a bit too chilly for me J I have become such a tropical person. But I will have a look at the surroundings as it seems to be so beautiful with the mountains. I may find an area on the way up that is comfortable, not as hot as KL but not as cold as on the top. I will also travel over to the east coast and see how it is there. Some people say it is very peaceful.

My site is not up yet, but my domain name is Best-alternative-fuel-sources. I am on my way to put info together but I have a bit of a break as I do some writing work for the moment over here. But I think it will be up in June.

We keep in touch. I will do some traveling around the peninsula in early/middle of May, otherwise I might be back in early September if I find a place where I like to settle in. We’ll see.

All the best.

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