Some downtime expected on this website

My website will be down for short periods during the following days. My hosting at SBI is doing some major upgrade so just have to bear with for the better running of the website in future. Here's the info sent to me, you can have look see if you happen to be unable to load up on my main Cameron Highlands Destination website. Cheers!


Some downtime is needed for some major upgrades to our clusters, deployments of NetApp shared memory, etc.
It boils down to short periods of downtime (for your site this time, NOT for access to SBI! or the forums)...

1) Tuesday, June 21 - Starting 7:00 AM (ET), your site will be down for 10-15 minutes (best estimate), on a rotating basis (i.e., not all SBIers down at the same time). Again, Site Central and the forums should remain up. We'll be all done within an hour.

2) Tuesday, June 28 -- Less than 5 minutes of downtime per site TOTAL, with only 1-2 minutes of downtime at a time. Will require most of the day to finish all blades, etc.

Wednesday, June 29 -- If we were not able to finish everything on the 28th, work continues.

3) Tuesday, July 5 -- Less than 5 minutes of downtime, with only 1-2 minutes at a time. Will require most of the day.


Planning to make more posts, but kind of too many things to do. Once you have a baby everything becomes heady and the time constraints increases! Still it is a joy to play with good old baby. Future coming in bright and sunny, and of course cool too if heading to the highlands! Planning to bring baby along on one of the trips! He sure need to cool down as do I!


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