BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas

BOH Tea Plantation Sg Palas is one the more popular stop for many tourist. Although it is not one of the easier location to travel as one will have to negotiate the narrow winding road and give way when there is oncoming traffic.
Despite having been there so many times, one still never tires of the soothing greenery of the tea plantation. The renovated tea centre makes very modern compare to previous wooden tea shop structure.
It is a draw many tourist bringing along their DSLR and snapping away at the scenery and self potrait photos.
When we left at the closing time of 5pm many are still making their way to the Sg Palas Boh Tea Plantation. They should have done their research or even read the old signage, coz they are going to be dissappointed when the security guard refuse them entry and turn them back at the plantation gate.
For us, it was time to say sayonara to Boh Sg Palas Tea Plantation and head on elsewhere.

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