Camerons here we come!

Time to take a break and travel to Cameron Highlands once again! This time round my dad would like to finish using his Heritage Vacation Club points so my parent, Lena, her mom and her sis together with baby will be tagging along. This will be the first time for good old baby to travel to his dad favorite vacation spot in Malaysia!
Yeah! Would be very interesting trip for him and bet his head will spin left and right taking in all the highlands sights!
Heard it will be cold this time right round. The Cameron Highlands's weather is rather wet this time round and there was some landslide with some fatalities. Hopefully by the time we make our way there it will be normalize. Still the weather is rather unpredictable.
I'm making the trip during ramadhan in the hope that it will be low peak so can avoid the holiday crowd. I should think so too judging from the reduced website traffic. Less searches could well mean less tourist during this fasting month.
There is a super long holiday during Hari Raya and Merdeka day combine during the end month of August. Could be crowded then again most people would want to 'balik kampung' to be with family. Still it is hard to say whether it will be a superpeak crowd as some may still want to holiday as an alternative to returning to their hometown.
For now, I will make trip earlier to avoid such peak times. Just want to enjoy and relax with family away from the crowd!
And of course collect info to update the Cameron Highlands Destination website too.
Bon voyage!

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