It is really wet in Camerons

Rain, rain, rain in Cameron Highlands! Didn't quite make it back to Greenhill Apartment, so got a bit wet. Baby was alright. So now we could not load up our luggage to the MPV. Fortunately the apartment owner was kind enough to allow us to wait till the rain stop before we load up and move on back to KL/PJ.

Meamwhile we hold up in the apartment and watch some Astro.
Our next stop is to be at water crest restaurant. Will see how the weather holds out.

So wet in Cameron Highlands!

---- [22/8/2011]

The trip was particularly tiring for me and I think I caught a chill from all the rain. Now not only feeling the after effects of tiredness (with body ache and especially my neck ache from the very long drive home), but I think I caught a slight mild flu. Hope my body's antibody will fight it out and not let it slide to a full blown flu. Ah, sometimes you need a break from a holiday break as well!

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