Night Market still in Brinchang

Night market is still in Brinchang. Although earlier this year there was talk by the Majlis of Cameron Highlands to shift the night market to Tanah Rata, in the end I suppose the night market traders were none too pleased. Perhaps the Tanah Rata location was not good enough. It was to be behind the food court at the foot of the hill where the Majlis office building was located. It didn't look big enough from what I see. So in the end the Brinchang night market still remained. That meant on super peak period it is best to avoid the Simpang Pulai way in as you would be caught in a massive traffic jam.
Frankly speaking, even for me, a tourist, I would prefer it in Brinchang. This was where it started, so it should be maintained here. Also most people would know it here so Brinchang night market is still best as is.

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Anonymous said...

The night market is open only on Fridays and Saturdays only, if I am correct.