Waking up in Cameron Highlands

Waking up in Cameron Highlands. Temperature in the morn about 23.4 C in the hotel room according to my Casio watch.
Still felt very cold here in Heritage Hotel. Now planning for breakfast coz my dad's Heritage Vacation club don't have breakfast included. I think we will go Uncle Chow for breakfast coz my family has not tried it yet.
As for baby? Will let him sleep with uncle and auntie coz their paid room came with breakfast and they can take care sleeping baby while we quickly take our breakfast.
Good to be up in Cameron Highlands to cool off from KL heat. Kinda off peak this weekend probably due to Ramadhan fasting month.
So go for some chow chow now!

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Anonymous said...

Hope the hgvc club is treating u well, if not go to ttpm (tribunal tuntutan pengguna malaysia) file a case and get back ur money....very easy, if ure happy with theier services then nevermind