Bus Coach to Tanah Rata Booking Questions

Hi, I'm planning for trip from Ipoh to Cameron in Dec and have these questions about taking coach to Tanah Rata -
1) Should I book coach now or is it safe to book 2 days before departure?

2) Are there any internet booking for Unititi and Kinta Omnibus? (I can't seem to find any) Which is the better one to take?

3) Do the buses leave on time?

4) How long is the journey by coach going by the new highway? I've read that it is 3 and half, but some says it is only one and a half by car..

Would be great if you could help! Thanks in advance!


Dear Artsy,

Will try to answer some of your questions, though I don't know all of them

1) Holiday season is coming so might be better to book in advance to ensure available seat. Or take your chances on that day. Up to you.

2) Don't know of any internet booking for bus/coaches. Besides they are all not that IT savvy.

3) Depends on the bus company. Most are on time except one company, I think it is the Regal bus company that plies the Tapah - CH - Simpang Pulai route. This one always got bus breakdown and bus delays.

You could also try the minivan service from Kang Tours and Travel. Cost a bit more but more reliable.

4) Do note bus / coach take longer time to travel with stops and slower speed limit (though some do break the law). The maximum bus speed allowed on highway is 90kph but I have been overtaken by buses at 110kph (speed limit of highway). So if you were me, I don't feel safe taking buses. So avoid night buses, many accidents occurs at night when bus driver is sleepy and night driving is also has poorer visibility.

Time taken by car (without speeding and getting a speeding ticket)
KL to Tapah = 1.5 hours.
Tapah to Tanah Rata = 1.5 hours.
Tapah to Simpang Pulai = 20 minutes
Simpang Pulai to Tanah Rata = 1.5 hours.

So perhaps you could add another 1/2 to 1 hour to the total time for above time for buses (not each leg, just the total)


Hi Jan,

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions!

Best regards,
Shiow Yih

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