Orang Asli and Jungle Trekking

Your website is very useful, and some of the stories are amusing.

I visited the Cameron Highlands last February whilst doing research on British History.

I trekked through the Jungle with the use of ASLI tribesmen as my guides (lovely people)what I would say is if your going off an established trail please ensure that you speak with the local Asli village chief, this is their land and as tourists we need to respect the heritage, culture and traditions.

When I heard stories from the Asli people of tourists just wondering around on their land I feel nothing but disgust we wouldn't want people just wondering through our homes with out been announced.

Also if Asli tracking services are used please negotiate a price for their services they need our support, just as much as you will need their support if you get lost in the Jungle.

If any one knows of a good Asli tracker whom lives Tanah Rata I would appreciate contact details.

United Kingdom


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If you have a direct email address it would be helpful and I will send you details of my next journey


Dear Alan,
Usually the tour companies has contact with the Orang Asli people as they run tours for Rafflesia hiking.

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