Travel by Train to Cameron Highlands then by Bus or Taxi

I sent this question to Kang Tours and Travel \"In Feb/Mar 2013 I intend to come from Singapore by train which reaches Ipoh about 6pm. I\'d like to stay in Cameron Highlands that night, do one of your full day tours and get back to Ipoh that evening to catch the overnight train to Thailand. Does that sound possible and what costs are involve?\"

I didn\'t get a reply, can you help? Thanks.

John Sansom
New Zealand


Dear John

If I read right, your planned schedule is:

6pm arrive ipoh train station and try to find a taxi
8pm arrive Cameron Highlands after a 2 hours drive arriving at night
go for night tour say for 1 hour ( I don't know who would entertain you, probably the same taxi that you took from Ipoh could drive you around and one hour at night won't get you to see anything probably just stuck in Tanah Rata or other town Brinchang, for 1/2 hours each because everything else is pitch black at night...)
9pm depart for the dangerous 2 hours drive back to Ipoh
11pm arrive back at train station and catch the midnight train

All done in just one night!
I think your plan is ridiculous!

Dear Jan

Thanks for replying.

Yes, I agree that plan would be ridiculous. No, my plan is: after arriving about 6pm in Ipoh taxi (or bus if available?) to hotel/lodge in Cameron Highland, stay there that night, take a day tour the next day ending late afternoon/early evening (as I think the Kang Tours do) then go back to Ipoh for the train.

A bit short, perhaps, but a whole day of daylight for the tour not the black of evening and all the time I have available.


Dear John,

Ah! Now it make sense!

Because your time is short and arriving in the evening, catching a taxi to Cameron Highlands would be the better option but would be costlier (no idea of the price but would be at least RM100 and above)

Hotels price range between RM80 to RM200, but go for higher price for more comfort, somewhere around RM150 at Century Pines would be good.

Then after tour, you could check whether Kang Travel and Tours has any mini-van services for the evening to Ipoh. Or you could check the bus station for its inaccurate bus schedule. If you want to avoid missing the train ride, best to go for Kang's mini van service (if any available to Ipoh) or worse come to worse, taxi service.


Dear Jan

Once again thanks for all the info, the taxis seem a bit expensive and I was wondering if Kang Tours or someone else could do me a complete package with pick-up at Ipoh, transfer to Cameron Highlands, accommodation that night, a tour the next day and then transfer back to Ipoh.

I mention Kang Tours because they do seem to have accommodation, do day tours and you mention the possibility of a mini-van service. Also I noticed you maintain their web site and I was wondering if you could check if the query I sent through the site ever reached them. I did have some difficulty as the initial page reported a fault when I submitted the form but then I seemed to be taken to another web form (it looked entirely different) which did seem to accept my query. But they never answered so did they ever get my enquiry? Could you ask, please.

Thanks again for your help,

Dear John

I'm no longer maintaining their website. Looks like the other person not doing a good job on mail redirection despite being a better web designer than me.

You may email them directly at:

Due to they receive many inquiries and a family run business, you may want to call them for immediate response to your query, their staff may be able to assist your queries.


Yes, they have a mini van service but they need to fill it up with passengers in order to run it efficiently. Ipoh does not have high tourist volume. Perhaps your best bet would be to get your mini van pickup from Kuala Lumpur instead (if you are coming up from the south). Then you can check for their north schedule and have them drop you off to Ipoh if convenient, if not you may need to drop off in Butterworth if they are ok with it or you may have to end up in Georgetown as most majority of tourist would go there.

And yes, they have room and rather budget, but for a good night's sleep I would still suggest a nicely furnished hotel. After all it is just for one night. Being on travel sometimes there are expenses that should be spent and not try to save.

And yes, taxi are expensive, so if you want to save on transport, the above idea would match with each other. Buses are best considered last due to not running on time, breakdowns, and dangerous (especially night service, and the regular news report of bus crashes happens mostly at night). The last point already make me shudder.


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