Uncle Chow Kopitiam - some people don't like, how about you?

Hi I went to uncle chow for breakfast with a group of friends, thanks to your recommendation .

The food was not good at all. We ordered all his specialties n none was even average. The nasi lemak rice is plain cheap white rice cooked without coconut milk. Come on, nasi lemak without coconut is so not nasi lemak, don't bring shame to Malaysians' fav food.

Toast with butter n home made kaya - the butter was margarine , the kaya has no taste whatsoever not even eggy or a hint of pandan. The list of other bad food goes on.

Perhaps the next time u recommend a place u should try out the food yourself first. Save us all the disappointment.

Serene Tan


Some people like it, some don't.
Some have very high standards of expectation
Can't please everybody
It was acceptable for me.

They were very friendly and chatty, and there always got many people going there. Additionally, they are getting on in their age, and don't know how long they can do this.


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