Hiking Trekking to Mt Beremban

Do we need a coach for going up MT.BEREMBAN? How long it takes?

My friends and i decided to go from Trail 3.
What is the recommendation 2days 1 night or 1 day trip?
what is the idea time to start trekking early in the morning?
please reply, tq.

Sweenie Swee
Klang, Selangor

Dear Sweenie I'm not the best person to answer you on this.

You may contact
1) Cameron Secret +60194485454 / +6054912484
2) Kang Tours and Travel +6054915828 for guided tours

AFAIK, trekking takes about 1 full day starting from early morning till evening depending on how long the trail and how difficult it is. You need to be physically fit to do so. Getting a guide would help to avoid getting lost, provided everybody sticks together and not wander off on another trail.

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